Data Products

Our end-to-end suite of data products includes three different data file formats – Altos Listing Intel, Altos Rental Intel, Altos Trends – as well as the Altos API.

Altos Listing Intel

There are millions of homes for sale in the U.S. right now. Altos Listing Intel is the only data product on the market that lets you see all of them, in one data file. Each property is geocoded for precision analysis. Altos Listing Intel is ideal for systems that use property-level data as inputs.

Altos Rental Intel

The largest housing and apartment database in the U.S., Altos Rental Intel lets you track active rental inventories, pricing, and unit characteristics for the 1M available rental units that hit the market each week.

Altos API

Altos API enables application developers to programmatically access Altos data, reports, charts, and more to deliver unique, high-value product features to customers.

"As our trusted source for real estate market data, Altos is a key enabler of our unique approach to home financing."

Ralph McLaughlin, Chief Economist & SVP of Analytics, Haus

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