Nurture Your Leads with Automated Email Campaigns

Most leads need 7 or more touches before they convert. Altos makes it super easy to keep in contact with prospects through automated email drip campaigns. We’ll send your updated Market Reports to your contacts every week (or on your own schedule) so you’ll always be top of mind.

Altos Report emails have a 37% open rate - double the real estate industry average!

We Do the Work For You

Your account comes with four pre-built email campaigns - these are the emails the system sends to your contacts every week with your latest market report. You can review and edit our pre-written emails and email schedule, or you can create your own campaigns from scratch. Either way, it’s fast and painless.

Track Who’s

We’ll update your database as people discover and interact with your reports. You can then track who's opening, clicking, and viewing your reports the most. The best time to connect with a potential client is when they're already thinking about you.

Get Alerted When People Take Action.

Altos can also email or text you the minute someone opens your report email, clicks on your report link, or shares your report. This way, you know to call them right away and get the conversation going.

"Building a database is only part of the job. In fact, it’s far more important to provide content that consumers care about, and Altos campaigns help us do this regularly and engagingly."

Bill Lublin, CEO, Century 21 Advantage Gold

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