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There are only three questions in real estate: “What’s for sale?”, “How much is my house worth?” and “How’s the market?” Consumers can easily answer the first two questions with listing apps like Redfin and Zillow, so the real differentiator is being able to answer the market questions: “Is now a good time to buy? Do I have to hurry? What’s going to happen next?”

By adding Altos Reports to your website, you’ll become a trusted destination for these local market insights.

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Drive More SEO Traffic

Integrating Altos Reports into your website gives you SEO-friendly local content that can help you get found in searches and reach the top of local search results.

Convert More Leads

Once buyers and sellers are on your page, you can capture their lead information with a Lead Form, or enable them to Subscribe for weekly email updates. They’ll also be able to share your report with family and friends.

Fresh Content, Updated Automatically

Altos Reports is dynamic content you never have to update. Choose which charts you want to display, add the chart URLs to your page, and you’re good to go. Once you’ve integrated Altos Reports into your website, fresh real-time reports and charts will appear on your website every week, automatically.

"We’ve been using Altos data on our website for many years — it’s a key strategic component of our online presence. Every consumer wants to know, ‘How’s the market?’"

Charlie Ashby, President, VIP Realty Group

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